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Toronto Clinic

18 Wynford Drive, Suite 511
Toronto, Ontario M3C 3S2
Phone: 416-385-9900 or 416-724-2833
Fax: 416-385-9907


Cancer Immunotherapy Centers

An affiliate of the Immune Recovery Centers of America, Atlanta, GA, USA

Vlade M. Gagovski, M.D., Medical Director


We are a private Non-Government Funded facility that offers:

  • Diagnostic and therapeutic treatment options for individuals with chronic diseases and/or illnesses.
  • Individualized treatment protocols based upon the most sophisticated immune assessments available.
  • Diagnostic and integrative therapeutic treatment options for patients with some solid tumor cancers.
  • Risk factor screening and assessment for healthy individuals concerned with their health maintenance.

"The primary function of the immune system is to protect the body from itself."  

Feel free to email us at info@cancerimmunotherapycenters.com for further information.