Yosemite National Park Poster – Original Artwork – 13′ x 19′ by Rob Decker – WPA Style

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The Yosemite National Park Poster is an original work of art, and signed by the artist. The poster is produced in a style reminiscent of the Works Program Administration posters of the 1930s and 1940s. When the Federal Government started the Works Progress Administration (or the Works Program Administration), it commissioned hundreds of artists to create thousands of posters designs (about 35,000) and literally millions of prints were made. At that time, there were only 26 National Parks. And only 14 parks had posters created during the WPA. I am on a journey to photograph and create iconic images for each of the country’s 59 National Parks, based on the classic WPA style. The major difference, however, is that this artwork is based off of original photography, and are digitally processed in a unique way to create these graphic art posters, note cards and postcards. Yosemite National Park represents the fourth poster in the series. This is NOT a reproduction of a poster made during the WPA era. This is original artwork, created from original photography…in the 21st Century!!! Yosemite National Park poster, created in the WPA style of the 1930s and 40s. Full-color. 13′ x 19′ Original artwork. Signed by the artist.



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