Ogham Lettering Gaelic Word Gra Love

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Bring a beautiful illustration of love into your home with this hand painted Gaelic gift from Ogham Wishes! This art piece displays “Love” in Ogham, Gaelic and English. The painted piece is framed in a 6 1/4′ x 11′ black frame, which comes with a cord for easy hanging. The frame makes for a great gift for a wedding, anniversary, or even a birthday gift for the special people in your life. Ogham Wishes celebrates Irish heritage by using the ancient written language of Ogham in their art. The art translates Ogham into Gaelic, which was spoken commonly in Ireland into the twentieth century. Gaelic is not commonly spoken in the modern era, but it remains an important cultural part of the Irish identity. An explanation of the languages and their significance is included in a sticker on the back of the frame. This simple, graceful art was created by Ethel Kelly at Ogham wishes in Co. Roscommon. Ethel Kelly makes each piece of art work by hand, making each piece individually charming. Add this meaningful cultural artwork into your home decor!



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