Information for Prospective Patients

Please print and complete the New Patient Welcome Form prior to your first visit to our clinic. Then you can mail or fax the completed form to us following your initial phone consultation with us.

What will my initial consultation be like?

Upon initially contacting  the clinic all patients will have a telephone consultation regarding their medical condition and whether we feel the patient may benefit from treatment. This is usually followed by the patient submitting medical records of prior diagnosis and treatment, with a follow up consultation, including an estimate of costs for the treatments.

Most patients will have had these telephone consultation regarding their medical condition prior to coming to the clinic. The first day in the clinic involves an extensive physical exam with considerable diagnostic work procedures in order to gather the necessary information to design your individual treatment program. During these exams we often find other medical conditions which have not been previously detected or have been ignored during prior medical treatment. Such conditions are important and cannot be ignored as they may impact or require modification of your treatments.

Some potential patients prefer to visit the clinic and have this medical exam and a consultation regarding their proposed treatments prior to deciding whether to come to the clinic. We do offer this service at a cost of $695.00. Patients wishing to go this route should plan on staying 2 to 3 days to allow for the consultation portion.  Should the patient then decide to stay in the clinic, this cost will become part of the first week’s charges.

Do you take insurance?

The Immune Recovery Centers of America provide both conventional medicine and alternative medical treatments in an integrative holistic manner.  The conventional components are usually covered by most insurance plans.

Unlike many alternative medical clinics, the IRCs have an established insurance claims group and is thus able to bill patients’ insurance companies for those parts of their treatment procedures that are covered by most insurance plans, including Medicare and Georgia Medicaid.This can result in considerable savings for the patients in the immune recovery program.  Our claims group will evaluate any insurance coverage that you may have and estimate what portion of your treatment cost can be covered.  You will then be billed for the remainder of those costs. We also offer payment plans for our non-allopathic treatment services. Please contact us for further information.

How much does the treatment cost?

Saving our patients out-of-pocket expense, whenever possible, is a high priority of our clinics.  Each patient’s treatment protocols are designed for the individual.  Thus we cannot establish an exact cost until completion of a medical exam and consultation.  However, our costs are generally considerably less than the cost that most alternative medical clinics charge their patients.

How long will I need to stay at the clinic?

Our patients usually stay in one of the many hotels in the area. Depending on the illness the average length of treatment is between four and six weeks, with four weeks being the minimum amount of time required.  Therapies are administered five days a week for about six hours a day.

Should I bring any paperwork?

We can process your paperwork more quickly when you print and complete the New Patient Welcome Form prior to your first visit to our clinic. Please mail or fax the completed form to us following your initial phone consultation with us.