Intra Arterial Therapy (IAT)

Intra Arterial Therapy (IAT) Intra Arterial Therapy (IAT) is a method of delivering drugs or other agents directly to a tumor mass, giving a maximal anti-tumor effect while minimizing the exposure of the body to potentially toxic effects of the agents. This procedure is similar to cardiac catheterization, except the small tube is not positioned in a cardiac artery, but in the smallest artery that supplies the tumor. Introduction of a drug by this method allows a very high concentration of the drug agent to be presented to the tumor, far greater than can be realized by conventional I.V. drug administration. The drug is greatly diluted in the total blood volume when it leaves the tumor, thus minimizing the total body effect. For some drugs, a neutralizing agent may be given which further decreases or eliminates total body effects. This is especially important if the drug has immunosuppressive effects.

IAT is a method of tumor bulk reduction and is an alternative to chemotherapy and radiation, but can also be used in conjunction with those modalities. IAT is also useful as a single modality when a tumor is small and localized. IAT has been used to treat tumors in many organs, including the brain. We refer patients to Dr. Diaz and De La Fuente in Monterrey, Mexico for this therapy. In the near future, we hope to have a joint venture clinic established in Monterrey, the BioTherapy Clinic.