Insulin Potentiation Therapy (IPT)

What is it and why do the Immune Recovery Centers of America use it?

Embryology sample and microscopeInsulin Potentiation Therapy (IPT) is a therapeutic procedure which utilizes low doses of conventional chemotherapeutic agents on a more frequent schedule to reduce or eliminate the toxic side effects of the drugs. It maintains the effectiveness of the drug by potentiating its anti-cancer activity with the use of insulin. A historical and theoretical discussion of IPT and how it works is covered below. 

The major limitation of chemotherapy is its extreme toxic effect on all bodily functions, particularly the blood, digestive and immune systems. It comes down to whether we can kill the cancer without killing the patient. Lowering the overall toxicity of the drug while continuing to kill the cancer cells is the primary goal of IPT. Patients who do not become nauseous and whose digestive system continues to function have better nutrition and lose less weight while undergoing treatment. Keeping a higher red blood cell count contributes to better health, especially for those patients with respiratory complications. Maintaining a functioning immune system helps fight off infectious diseases. However, this can become a problem following conventional chemotherapy.

Often overlooked is a major potential of IPT and its most important advantage – the ability to aggressively pursue immune therapy while simultaneously using chemotherapy, a combined treatment which is usually not possible with the standard high-dose chemotherapy approach. Immune therapy is frequently ignored because chemotherapy is considered the first line of treatment; the result is a highly suppressed immune system which consequently cannot respond to drugs which address the body’s immune function. Immune treatments can be effective when given before chemotherapy. IPT allows this dual treatment approach - front line therapy and immune therapy. Thus, cancer vaccines, cytokine stimulation, immune modulators and biologicals, as well as  other immune stimulants can be employed.

Insulin Potentiation Therapy (IPT) DoctorThe Immune Recovery Centers find that IPT fits well with the complementary, immune and natural treatments we use here. Effective cancer therapy requires a simultaneous multi-pronged attack on the cancer. Unfortunately, time is never on the patient’s side, and waiting to see if one treatment will work before initiating a second treatment type is not in the patient’s best interest. Single therapy approaches provide valuable information for research, but patients are more concerned with killing the cancer than with which agent has worked best.

Generally ignored is recent research indicating immune therapy sensitizes the cancer to chemotherapy, meaning it renders chemotherapy more effective. In addition, we have determined that immune therapy, cytokines and vaccines have a “wake-up” effect on the cancer cells, causing them to act in order to protect themselves from an outside attack. Only “active” cells are sensitive to chemotherapy.