About Us

Welcome to the Immune Recovery Centers of America!

A message from our Clinical Director and CEO, S. Edward Bradford, N.D., P.A.


Thank you for your interest in the Immune Recovery Centers of America. The Immune Recovery Centers of America are dedicated to the integration of natural treatments with those used in conventional allopathic medicine. We specialize in the immune system which is integral to almost all matters relating to health and disease; we make its health our priority as well as a part of all clinic treatments. Our staff maintains an active interest in new developments in both allopathic and natural medicine. They continuously seek new or different treatment modalities that we can add to our treatment regimens in order to benefit our patients. We have a research division charged with keeping our medical staff updated with the latest important developments in medicine which results in ongoing discussions about how these latest developments may be used for the individual patient’s treatment.

Our professional staff is dedicated to providing these  innovative treatment protocols and medicinal regimens to support our patients' recovery goals. We embrace a fundamental principle that the consideration of both conventional and alternative treatment modalities is essential in the fight against cancer, and that each patient's unique treatment strategy is paramount to the maximization of results.

The Cancer and Immunological Diseases Clinic treats both the disease and the immune dysfunction which allows the disease to continue. Cancer patients are usually severely immunosuppressed, whether from the disease itself or some of the conventional treatments, such as chemotherapy and radiation. Correcting this dysfunction is important to therapy, especially for patients who are in remission - a fully functioning immune system is required to keep them in remission.

"Balancing your treatment needs to help you live a healthy tomorrow."

The Antiaging and Wellness Clinic also considers immune function as one of the deterrents to the aging process. Thus, immune health is an integral part of a holistic program which incorporates nutrition, life style and exercise with bioequivalent hormone replacement as well as natural supplements.

We also offer oncology massage and lymph drainage therapy.

If you have any questions regarding your health or would like to discuss treatment options, please feel free to call us at (866)-471-4743 (toll free) or (770) 455-6100.  We'd love to help you balance your treatment needs for a healthy tomorrow.